Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random thoughts

Today I have been working on those quilts that need binding. I have three done and 5 more that need to be finished. I think I have enough of the binding to do maybe 3 more. I will have to keep going to see if I can get them all done or if I have to dig out more fabric.
The funny thing is each quilt is taking me 15 minutes to bind. They have sat for months, waiting to be finished and in 15 minutes each one is getting done. Why do I wait so long?
Well, one of my online groups, AC4C, put out the call this weekend for an emergency project to help the Native Americans and send blankets and quilts. These quilts are made with black fabric and are baby size and didn't really have a home. Since the reservation they will be going to doesn't have access to lots of washing machines, the black fabric will be perfect for hiding dirt and stains and will serve its purpose. I will have to get some pictures and post them when I'm finished with the batch. The tops and backs were donated, but I can't remember where they came from. I quilted them this summer and they went together quickly. I just did a stitch in the ditch on them and each one took maybe 20 minutes to make. The batting was donated too so they cost me nothing but a little time and I hope they will keep a dozen babies warm this winter.
Yesterday, the kid I took the phone from that is in my 6th period class was hanging out after school. He had come into class ready to fight another student. About a half dozen students told me that I had better watch out for him because he was going to fight another one of my students and I had better keep them separated. I figured if they were going to fight, this guy is about twice my size and there was no way I was going to jump inbetween him and anybody so he had better get it over quickly. Well, after school he was just hanging out, waiting for another student to finish something and he says to me, "Mrs. Lewis, when can I get my phone back?" I told him he had to have a parent come to the office and pick it up. He says, "oh." Then, he says, "Mrs. Lewis, you are my favorite teacher." Where did that come from? I just took this kid's phone and probably got him in trouble with his parents and now I'm his favorite teacher? I will never understand kids.
Why don't donuts like me? I used to be able to eat 6 of them for breakfast every morning in college and we got along just fine. Now, every time I eat them I get a headache. Yet, I still buy them sometimes and think that maybe THIS time I won't. This morning, I went out and got TWO dozen donuts (have to support the local donut economy you know) because they looked and smelled so good and now I'm paying the price for eating 2 of them. Why do I do that to myself? Why? When will I learn my lesson?
And finally, what is it about a resting mother that attracts everyone to come and gawk? I tried to take a little rest today and everyone in the house, including the dogs had to come and look at me, ask me a question, have me solve their problem, or tell me their life story! I even got licked in the face (by the dog). Why can't I just lay down for 10 minutes and close my eyes? Is that a crime around here? Does the world have to come to an end? I think tomorrow I will go into the garage and close the door and lock it and sleep there. Maybe nobody will find me out there!!!

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