Saturday, November 22, 2008

Naming our machines

As I read a lot of blogs, I see that many of you name your sewing and quilting machines. I was feeling bad, because I hadn't named my machine yet. I LOVE my quilting machine that my mom and dad gave me because what used to take me 45 minutes to quilt now takes me 15.

My dad used to name our cars and when my sister got her first car, she named it Carmine. Get it, Car-mine. I have never named cars or other things like that, but I think since I love my machine so much I should name it. So, this morning, as I was working on a quilt, I decided to name my machine Pierce. Seems fitting, since it pierces the fabric and since my favorite actor when I was growning up was Pierce Brosnan. Remember him? Remington Steele???!!! Yeah, he also became 007 too but I loved him in the Remington Steele TV series, although watching it now, those shows are pretty lame.

So, here is Pierce, my Janome 1600P DB quilting machine that helps me make the wonderful quilts for kids in Kazakhstan and everywhere else that someone needs a little hug.

Thanks again mom and dad.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

My quilting machine is named Ruth, my sewing machine is named Becca, my 15-91 is called Chuckee. I haven't named most the other ones, these are the ones I use the most. Ruth is my best friend's middle name, and she is a hard worker. Becca is from my husband's grandmother who owned the machine before me, her name was Rebecca. And Chuckee--well, he came from a man named Chuck!!