Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday is here

In case you didn't realize, Friday is here. That means my vacation has started! Hooray. And what better way to begin the holiday than a trip to JoAnn's. My friend at work is having a baby in March and she asked me to help her make the crib bedding. We have been hunting down the fabric she wants. She picked out sock monkey fabric and now we are trying to match the rest of the fabrics to the print she fell in love with. I just hope I do a good enough job on the set so that she is happy with it. I always doubt my abilities and am a little nervous. She found a set she loved online for $545 and I knew I could make it for much less than that. Of course, she has spent almost $100 on the fabric already and we aren't done yet. Yikes!


Linda said...

It will STILL cost way less if you make it! Good on you!
Lurking Linda

Bonnie said...

Pierce is a great name and I too liked Pierce Bronson in Remington Steele but unfortunately it wasn't in HS. Oh well. Car names don't always stick but we had a station wagon we called Jennifer that was weird because our daughter is Jenny, not Jennifer. Then her car was Thunder Chicken. I don't even remember how that name came about. But, after 10 or 12 years of reliable service Thunder Chicken was totaled after an accident. No people were hurt but the car with very little visual damage was a goner.

Your last post about students and not being able to go to the bathroom hit home. The one thing you can be thankful for is 28 students instead of 30, 34 or 40! But I know 28 is still a handful. What's your subject? Have a quilty day... B.