Wednesday, November 26, 2008

dog days

These last three days have been dog days. Literally. Sunday, I had to take the little dogs, Lily and Harper to the shot clinic to get their shots so I could take Lily to the groomer because she has gotten so matted and I just can't get the matts out. Both dogs had bad reactions to the shots and have had diarrhea and vomitting from the shots since Sunday. Having worked for a vet through high school, I know this can be a problem and I know what to watch for. The dogs are acting fine other than making a mess everywhere. Good thing I have a carpet cleaner! My carpets have never looked better, in spots :)
I moved her apointment to Friday and she is getting better which is a good thing.
Poor Mandy. She is 9 years old. We rescued her from the pound when she was about 10 weeks old. She is a boxer lab mix and a big baby. She has a mighty scary bark, but would lick you to death before she would bite you. I've always said this, but the pest control guy proved me right about a month ago. He came to spray the yard and we weren't home. He has been our bug guy for years and we have always put the dog away. Well, this time, he figured he would just try to get in the backyard with the dog there. He got his bag of treats out and gave her one and she became his best friend. He said she was a little scary at first, but then just wanted to lick him. So much for a guard dog.
Well, on Sunday, she started limping on her left front paw. I couldn't see a picker in there, but she didn't like me to touch it. Again, the ex-worked-for-a-vet in me couldn't see taking her to the vet on a Sunday for a picker in her paw and knew that she probably could get it out like she has done before. Monday she was worse and wouldn't walk on it. Tuesday I took her in and the vet examined her for about 30 seconds. He said it is either sprained, broken or she has cancer. No Xrays yet. He gave me some anti-inflamitories and said to come back in 4 days if she isn't better and strict rest. She is currently tied up at the bottom of the stairs. When she was on the medicine yesterday, she seemed better and could put some weight on the paw, but this morning she is back to no weight at all. My poor baby!

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Quilty bird said...

Poor Mandy! I hope she and the other pups are better soon.

I want to thank you for updating your blog (almost) every day. Even though I don't leave comments, I still check it each morning.