Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday

Ok, more flowers. Just because I can. These were taken last January I think. Maybe not January, but last year sometime.
I have grand plans for this weekend again. It includes a little bit of grading--work before play, and some cleaning--to keep the kitchen nice and clean, but for the most part, I want to play.
I want to put binding on at least 4 quilts. I took all of the quilts that need binding and cut them and moved them to the banister in the kitchen. They are right next to the pile of finished quilts so they can see what they will become when I get enough time to finish them. I can get the binding on a quilt in about 30 minutes if I have things cut and ready to go. Since I sat and cut binding last weekend, I think I have enough for at least 4 quilts before I have to cut some more. These are just baby size quilts, maybe 36 inches or so, but they are still quilts and they still count in the total. I can't believe how many quilts I have finished this year. And yet the fabric stash is getting bigger by the second. Oh, well, I guess there is no need to worry if the cotton industry goes belly up or the economy gets worse. I will NEVER run out of fabric :)
I will also NEVER complain about getting fabric donated. I love mixing and matching all of the different fabrics to make such wonderful quilts for the kids.
I also have to make a quilt for my daughter's cross country coach. I had some of the kids (the ones who showed up to the pizza party) draw on fabric squares. I have the sashing cut and now just need to iron the squares and start sewing. That shouldn't take too long to get done and I'd like to have it done by Monday. We have one more week of school and then get the whole week of Thanksgiving off for a very well deserved break! I can't wait. I will NOT be bringing lab books home to grade. No matter what, those things will not be coming with me to ruin my vacation.
I'd also like to get a few Christmas stockings done and sent out to my oldest to pass out to her friends to hang on their doors at school. Then, they can play secret Santa and drop presents in them or notes of encouragement during the month of December.
So many plans...hope to get at least some of them done.

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