Wednesday, November 26, 2008

finished one found two more

I will never get ahead at this rate. I finished another quilt top today (by finished, I mean quilted, waiting to be bound) and then opened the bags of quilt tops my friend brought me that I found the other day. In some of the bags there were two quilt tops. SO, that means there were two more quilt tops that I didn't count the last round. This is why I don't count my projects. They keep multiplying!

Oh, and I changed the needle on the machine after about 20 quilts and it cuts like butter again, but now the machine is making a clunking sound. That can't be good. I will have to take some time to clean it out and figure out what is hitting what before I do some damage to the poor little guy. I will give him some oil tonight before I let him sleep and see if that helps too.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

sometimes I go a long ways between needle changes on my own tops, and then I did a customer quilt that required 3 before I got to the end! All depends on what you're trying to quilt thru. Anything that isn't straight cotton really seems to dull the needle. That and batiks--tightly woven and make the machine "thunky thunk" as you quilt. But needles are a lot cheaper then a new bobbin case or having to re-time the machine!