Friday, November 7, 2008

another new job

well, call me crazy, but I agreed to do yet another job today at school. They needed another BTSA support provider for a brand new teacher because her first one quit. I had been one for the past two years. But I had it so easy. My new teachers were really good at what they did. One was in the military before becoming a teacher so had the classroom discipline down pat. The other was also older and not only knew the subject matter, but is also really good with the kids. Our meetings went something like this...need anything from me? Nope? Have any questions? Ok, see you next week. We talked about students who drove us crazy and how we liked chocolate and when summer vacation was. This new one may be a challenge. I don't know her at all. She is a part time art teacher, coming from a career as a photographer and is having troubles with her classes. I hope that I can help her to be successful. The statistics on teachers who quit before 5 years is pretty sad.

I also hope it doesn't take away from my quilting time! Maybe since she is an art teacher, she can teach me a thing or two about making art quilts. That would be fun.

This weekend I hope to put the binding on 2 quilts and make one for the Veterans Dinner on Tuesday. We have Tuesday off and I have a cleaning lady coming over in the morning because I don't feel like cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms and I'd rather pay someone else to do it for me now that I have 3 jobs :)

That will give me more time to play.

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