Saturday, November 1, 2008

feeling selfish

Today I have a to do list a mile long. I had to take two blankets over to a friend whose friend passed away recently. She left behind two little boys. I wanted to give these quilts to the little boys from the Binky Patrol. I meant to get out last week, but life happened and it is now Saturday and finally I got around to getting over there. Unfortunately, I woke her up, but the quilts are delivered and will be able to do their job. I didn't make them and forgot to take pictures of them too.

Then, I had to go get 1/2 price candy at the store. Read the word HAD to get the candy. You see, the little guy started throwing up last night before we got to go out and we didn't have any candy in the house! We had to skip trick or treating and so I was FORCED to have to go buy candy. How sad ;)

Then, I had to make brownies. I hate it when I have to do all of these terrible things!!

What is really on the to do list is grade lab books. I have about 40 of them and they weigh just over a ton. They are a pain to grade because you have to open them to the right page before you can grade the assignment. Each one doesn't take all that long to grade, but the opening and finding is the hard part...not really, but now I'm looking for any excuse not to attack them.

SO, I'm feeling a bit selfish and wanting to do something just for myself, like some quilting. I printed out a pattern but that would mean sorting through all my fabric to find the perfect choices before I could get to sewing. Maybe I will just pick something that is already cut out and give myself 15 minute lab book grading breaks throughout the day and then reward myself at the end of the pile if I ever finish today.

Of course, Monday I start a new lab in all of my classes. It is a never ending battle...


Betty J in OKC said...

I've had a tummy-bug since last Tues, so I can empathize with your son. I ended up giving my candy to my neighbor to pass out on Halloween, since I *really* didn't want to share my virus with the kids. The dr can give you medicine to prevent puking, if you ask. I've been hitting that hard since Tues too. :P

suzbinky said...

I have those days too. Sometimes I just need to do a 1/2 hour thing for no one but me - fiddle with fabric, string a bracelet, blog - I just need to check out sometimes so I can recharge.

I find that if I do that a few times a week I have more to give later.