Thursday, November 13, 2008

How about a nice Christmas poinsetta

to look at today. This was from last Christmas.

I'm ready for the holidays. Any holidays. Just a vacation from school would be nice. The people are getting on my nerves and the kids are ready to be done learning for a while. I'm tired of grading papers and giving tests and ready to spend time with the kids making cookies and eating them.

To prove how grumpy I was today, I took two cell phones away from kids. I NEVER take cell phones away. This is why! The first one I took from a girl who was texting in line for lunch. I asked her what her name was and by the time I got back to my classroom, I had forgotten her name. I asked my students if they could figure out what her name was from her phone and they pushed buttons and clicked all sorts of things and came up with her picture, but we never could figure out what her name was.

The second phone I took from my own student. I took his phone yesterday and talked to him about not taking it out in class. Then, I gave it back to him after school. Today, he pulled it out again with 5 minutes left in class. I had to take it and turn it in this time. He needed this lesson to make sense or he would have kept doing this over and over.

The kids can have their parents come and pick up their phones the first time. I think the third time, they get a Saturday school. When I was in the office turning in the 2nd phone, there were three parents coming to pick up their kids' phones. They didn't even wait a day to make their kids go without a phone. That's why the kids keep using their phones during class.

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