Saturday, November 22, 2008


If you know me or have read my blog, you know I don't like to count things. But that is just what I did this afternoon. I got curious as to how many quilt tops I had in buckets and started counting and matching tops to backing fabric. Here is what I came up with:

19 quilt tops with backs ready to quilt. The quilts are either just as wide, or narrower than the backing fabric, so no extra effort is needed. These guys are ready to quilt!

14 quilt tops matched with backing fabric. These are bigger quilt tops or the backing is in two pieces so they will need some more effort before they are ready to quilt. They are in a different bucket.

10 quilt tops that I couldn't match backing fabric to. This was just using the fabric that is out, on the top of my makeshift storage area. I did not open the chest of drawers to go looking for fabric, nor did I go in the shed, or go looking in the garage. These quilts will take a little more effort to find the right fabric to go with them. Not that I'm looking for the perfect fabric, but something that either goes with the theme of the front of the quilt or matches the color scheme of the front of the quilt.

99.9% of the quilts I make are given away to children in crisis, either through Binky Patrol or through my church quilting ministry. Children don't care if the colors match perfectly and color matching is not a talent I was gifted with so I do the best I can. I usually ask my #2 daughter for help, but she was out having fun today, riding horses, so I was on my own.

That's a total of 43 quilt tops ready to be quilted.

I also have a pile of probably 15 very small quilts that could use a border or two before they can be called finished. Most were given to me in this small size, some I made myself before I knew what the purpose of borders was.

With only 39 days left in 2008, I don't think I will get all of the quilts finished off this year, but I did get 3 quilted today, so who knows! It is always good to have a high goal to shoot for. Who knows, I just might get it done. And think of all those kids who will be warmer next year because of a little donated fabric and some time.

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