Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trip to Los Angeles

 I dropped my daughter off for orientation at UCLA and came home with my oldest yesterday.  I will head back on Thursday to pick her up, then my oldest will head out on Friday for a retreat with her scholarship and I will pick her up and take her to the airport on Sunday. Lots of miles added to the car and lots of time spent with my daughters enjoying their company.  If only I could break this migraine, I would enjoy the time a bit more.

We went to the Natural History Museum in LA on Monday and it sure brought back memories from 40 years ago.  This same elephant family is there and I'm sure a zillion people have enjoyed learning about them.  Lots of kids were there enjoying the exhibits like I did as a kid.
 I loved these plants, called Kangaroo Paw.  They were everywhere in So. Cal.  I need to find them and plant them in my garden.  I wonder if they will do well up here in Northern California.
 This quilt was gorgeous.  There was even instructions on how to make a quilt. My girls said I didn't need the instructions :)
 The girls had fun putting the dinosaur skeleton back together.  It was funny because a couple of teenage guys came over to 'help' them.
 This was the view out of the top floor of the building my daughter will be living in.  We snuck in because some middle school kids were staying there this week.  You are supposed to have a key to get in, but the kids just held the door open for us.  Really safe :)
 Here she is, ready for us to leave, sort of!
Making sure she is ready to meet new people.

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