Sunday, July 21, 2013

Don't open the box, don't open the box, whatever you do, don't open the box

 I took my van today to Binky Patrol and haven't driven it most of the summer.  I had to clean it out to make room for the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and there was this box in the back.  What could be in the box?  Quality Sewing Kits?  It has a GW on the top.  That should have been my clue not to open it.  GW stands for Golden West, the middle school that sewed all of the Super Size 9 patch quilt tops I've been working on and have almost reached the end of.  Well, I didn't listen to the little voice that said not to open the box.  I opened it and laughed out loud.  Sure enough, there were 48 more quilt tops.  I thought I had almost reached the end of these little guys. Nope, not even close!

I brought the box inside and my daughter saw the look of despair on my face.  She said, oh, mom, you can do it.  When I told her I only had 28 days to get them all done if I wanted to finish before school starts she realized that she has a whole month longer before she has to go back to school!  She offered to help me!  She says she won't have anything else to do once we all go back to school.  So glad she has learned how to quilt.  Now to take her up on her offer and get her quilting one of these little guys a day.  Between my daughter, me and Rebecca who plans to come over often before she leaves for school in three weeks, I think we can get these guys done.  Once school starts, the middle school kids will be back at sewing again and the pile will grow.  Plus, I plan to go over to Carla's house and see how big her pile of quilt tops is.  I might be able to help her dig out from under her pile of quilt tops.  We need to recruit more quilters or quit sleeping so much.

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