Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning walk thoughts

 This morning as I was out walking very early before it got too hot, I was thinking about how I often view life.  Sometimes I rush ahead, eager to see what is around the corner, like my little dog Lily.  She is always pulling at the leash, sniffing the bushes, investigating each leaf, stick and crack to see who has been there before her and leaving her mark for the next critter who comes behind.  Sometimes I'm like that, rushing from one thing to the next, eager to see what is ahead, rushing from one project to the next, checking out each new adventure, happy to be by myself to explore and investigate.
 Then, there's Harper, always bringing up the rear.  I have to drag her along and encourage her to keep up.  Here she is taking her time to get her business done.  Lovely picture I know :)  I always carry a couple bags with me to clean up after my dogs and am amazed at the people who just leave the mess behind.  I was watching as a lady with her two dogs, off leash this morning just watched her dog leave its mess and then run along.  I'm thinking, doesn't she realize someone has to clean up that mess?  Some people just figure it is someone's job to clean up after them.  I guess their parents didn't raise them to pick up after themselves.  I have classrooms full of kids like that.  They leave trash all over and just walk away.  Oh, the janitor will pick up after me.  Well, people, there are no janitors anymore!  The teacher gets to clean up the mess these days.

But, I digress...

Sometimes I'm like Harper and need to be encouraged along.  I just like to take my time and watch from the end of the pack, making sure there are no pitfalls along the way.  Maybe the road leads to nowhere and we will have to turn around.  If I am at the end, I won't have as far to go before we have to go back and my journey will be shorter.
How are you feeling today?  Are you the leader, or the follower?  What's funny, is the leader is the daughter of the follower.  Maybe there is something to be learned here.  As you age, you learn that being first isn't always best :)  Let the young ones blaze the trail.  We all get to the same destination eventually.

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