Sunday, July 21, 2013

Layers of Hope Quilting 911

 I belong to an online, Facebook group called Layers of Hope, Quilting 911. That's the group sending quilts to the families of the firefighters lost in the Arizona fire.  We also sent quilts to the Aurora, Colorado shooting last year.  I designed this label to go on the back of the quilts I'm sending.  I'm trying it out on different fabrics.  The top fabric is fleece and you can see how the L got absorbed into the fleece.  The bottom is muslin.  I also did it on satin.  I still need to trim the threads on all of them.  I like the muslin the best.  The satin puckers a bit and is slippery to sew to other fabric.  I plan to make more of these and send them to other members of the group that don't have embroidery machines.  I'm learning to label my quilts.
Here's the label I made for the quilt I made for my sister in law.  This is the first quilt I've actually labeled.  I really don't have an excuse for not labeling my quilts now that I have an embroidery machine.  I have a program that allows me to write anything I want and I can add a picture too.  I put the label on the front of the quilt because there was a blank square and it just seemed to fit.

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