Monday, July 15, 2013

Please don't make me drive

After this week of crazy driving, I hope to have several days at home.  Yesterday I drove to pick up my oldest from her scholarship retreat in Yosemite and drive her to the airport in Fresno so she could fly to Austin, TX where she is teaching a class of middle school students creative writing for the next three weeks.  I should have known she would become a teacher :).  In fact, all four of my kids will probably become teachers.  She will be teaching college at Washington University in St. Louis in the Fall, again Creative Writing to undergraduate students while she is still working on her masters and one day hopes to be a professor while writing novels and short stories.  She says, mom one day you will walk into a book store and see my novel on the shelf.  I told her no, I won't because I will buy every copy there is.
She will be rich, I will be poor :)
I did manage to get three quilts done Saturday, in-between trips and two done this morning.  Hoping to get a couple more boy quilts done this afternoon.  I can't forget the boys!  I got a call last week from a local group, Nurse Family Partnership asking for baby quilts and since I've been working on some bigger projects and have given away almost all of the quilts I have on hand, I have to get working on things for the local community.  My binding buddies are all out of quilts and I need to get them working again.  Carla was on vacation too and doesn't have anything ready to go either.  The pressure is on!  Plus, my daughter that just came back from UCLA now has the flu which I'm sure she picked up from one of the thousand kids she spent the week with and is hiding out in her room.  I had to cancel her dentist appointment and a play date for my son so you think I could get some more work done around here, but no, there are always a zillion more things that pop up.
Oh, and I had the best compliment today from my little guy.  We were out shopping and I picked up a box of Twinkies.  He had never had them and I thought since they are now back in business what a nice treat!  He tries them and says, "mom, you can make things better than this!  These taste like bread with whipped cream on it!"  I tried one and boy is he right!  Yuck.  Not like I remember as a kid!  Either my taste buds have changed, or they aren't making them like they used to.  Now, I just hope they haven't changed the Ding Dong!  Those were the bomb!

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