Tuesday, July 30, 2013

gorgeous fabrics

 wow, look at these batiks!  These are so pretty in person, I wish you all could come over and see them.  I'm trying to catch up with these little quilts.  My son was supposed to have his consult for his surgery on his ear, but we talked to his local doctor and since we are holding off on the surgery, we decided it wasn't worth the drive just to decide we weren't going to have the surgery.  We are going to have his hearing tested in another 6 months and if his hearing is getting worse, we will look at getting a hearing aide and then tested in another year.  If it continues to worsen, we will consider surgery again, but they aren't sure surgery will make it better.  Surgery may make it worse and there is no going back once they open things up in there.  A hearing aide can't make things worse.

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, I have to share this with you.  I laughed so hard I cried.  This is my life the first few days of back to school.  We have to sit through inservice where someone thinks they have the newest and best way to do things.  When I first started teaching, I would listen intently, taking notes and trying to learn everything that was said.  Now that I'm a veteran (aka, old hat) I just nod and pretend that I'm listening and hope not to fall asleep and sometimes crochet, especially if we have a veteran principal that I don't have to impress :)  This year our same principal is the same.  I can probably get a dozen baby hats done in the 3 day inservice we have!  Here's the link, check it out http://marvelousteachermusings.com/2013/07/28/if-teachers-planned-inservice-training/


Robin T. said...

Very pretty!! I love batiks too!

Mimi said...

That first comment should be mine not my son`s... I am using his tablet and not everything has been changed to mmy stuff!! Hahaha