Monday, July 1, 2013

The days are hot so why not quilt?

It is so hot outside and there doesn't seem to be much relief coming in the next week so my plans include staying inside and quilting.  I'm also sewing and doing some embroidery.  I got out early this morning to get some exercise and actually ran a whole block during my 2.6 mile walk and I didn't die!  I thought I just might there for a while, but was able to cool down and made it through the day without taking a nap, something that hasn't happened in a couple of weeks.  I guess I must be getting over this cold my little guy gave me.  Such a nice kid to share with his mom.  I did get a massive migraine tonight and my ankles swelled up something awful and I'm not even on the medicine I thought was making them swell so who knows what is going on there!  I can't win for losing.  Hopefully once the weight comes off I will lose all of the weird symptoms too.  I'm hoping to get in the sewing room again later tonight and cut some more fabric. I have so many quilts I want to make and the summer is just ticking away.  I got a phone call today from a lady who is moving and cleaning out her sewing room.  She asked if I could use some fabric.  OF course I can always make room for more fabric, but that just means I need to work a little quicker!  Maybe Carla and I need to have a quit day soon :)

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Katherine said...

Ah, Pierce is a wonder! Lovely to see him and how you're set up to make so many wonderful quilts, Marilyn.