Monday, July 29, 2013

Fight like a Girl

 For my childhood friend who is fighting ovarian cancer.  Finished this morning, before my son's 2 hour dentist appointment.  I think this will be the summer of the dentist!  All of us have been to the dentist, my daughter is going back for the third time next week to get a retainer for her front teeth.  They have a gap in the middle and he filled it in a couple years ago.  The gap is back and we asked him to fix it again but he says the teeth are just moving so she needs a retainer to keep them from shifting apart.  No braces, just the retainer.  My little guy had to have 4 fillings and 2 sealants.  I don't quite understand the idea behind the sealants.  I have only had one cavity my whole long life and it was because of sealants. They scrape all the enamel off your teeth and put a plastic coating on top.  Then, that came off and I got a cavity.  Go figure.  If they had left the enamel alone, I wouldn't have the cavity.  The appointment today was so very long. The first hour was waiting for the dentist and starting the sealant process, then the second hour was filling the 4 teeth and finishing up the sealant.

Today is only supposed to get to 77 degrees.  It was 64 at noon when we got home from the dentist.  I do believe it is July 29 in Northern California.  It is supposed to be over 100 this time of year.  Did someone forget about Global Warming?  Or did someone leave the air conditioning on?

I'm hoping to get this quilt in the mail today.

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