Wednesday, July 31, 2013

today's three

I managed to get my three quilted today, even though Carla tried to distract me by dangling a new quilting pattern in front of me and making try it out.  It was a flop and I will show you pictures later, but I had to sew all the pieces together after I had cut them all out.  Then, I spent an hour or so cutting out pieces for my friend's memory quilt from her mother's clothes. I'm hoping to get it done for her birthday in about a week.  Memory quilts are hard to make because I know they are really special for the person receiving them and I want them to be really nice when they are done.  I'm using the book, Too Cook T Shirt Quilts and I'm learning how to organize things to make the quilt look like it went together really easily, but I'm not a math person and it hurt my brain.  I had to stop and work on simple quilting for a while.  Tomorrow is another day.  Rebecca is coming over for another quilt play day.

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