Friday, July 19, 2013

Rebecca came over to play today

 And she quilted these four red quilts.  She had a great time.  The first quilt gave her some troubles with the thread breaking, but after getting her to slow down a bit (she likes to speed through them just like me!) she got the hang of it and zipped through these in no time.  She figured out how to roll the quilts herself and change the bobbin when it ran out and we worked together to load and unload the quilts.  She would have kept going but was babysitting some dogs and had to go over to feed them.  She promised to come back before she has to go back to college in 3 weeks.  That's good because I need help working through more of these quilt tops.  It seems the faster I work, the more they multiply.  Carla was saying the same thing the other day.  I was going to offer to take some of her quilt tops, but just once, I'd like to say I was caught up.  Even for just one day.  I can't remember what that felt like :)  I doubt I ever will again!   It's ok, I do like having choices when it comes to quilting.  Some days I like having these quick, easy 9 patch quilts and sometimes I like the quick stippie quilts and sometimes I like the bigger ones.  Some days I just want to sew the tops together.  That's what is so fun about quilting.  There is always something different to do.  Some days I even like sewing the binding on the quilts.  But I am so glad to have my binding buddies to sew for me on the many days when I don't like sewing the binding on.  I like dropping off unfinished quilts and picking up finished ones.  I picked up a stack of finished quilts and took them to Nurse Family Partnership in Fairfield today.  They work with new mothers and coach them on raising babies and children.  They help them with breastfeeding and figuring out why a baby is crying and teach them about good nutrition and how to teach their children during the first few years so when they do get to school they will be ahead of the game.  I am happy to support a program like this and love that they call me with their needs.  I gave them a whole bunch of baby hats I had been working on as well.  I love to be able to sit and crochet during the times I can't quilt.  SO glad my mom taught me to crochet oh, so long ago.  I'm glad my girls have learned that skill as well.  They don't do so much now, but one day they may take off and take after me.

My oldest is teaching middle school kids creative writing this summer.  Following in her parents' footsteps.  Not always such a bad thing :)

This purple on is one I had to quilt up quickly.  Can't let the whole day go by without getting a little quilting in myself you know.  Step by step, quilt by quilt, the pile is getting smaller.  With only 30 days left, I am trying to get all of these quilts finished up before school starts and I get another huge pile again.

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