Saturday, June 18, 2016

the yard-after 4 hours of work by 5 people

 We have a really nice yard.  It was just hidden under all of those weeds!  It took a team of 5 people almost 4 hours to find it.  They worked really hard.  I can only imagine how long this would have taken me.
 Probably forever since I tend to lose focus after about 15 minutes on any given task.  I thought they were done after about 2 hours and it was looking really good and they kept finding more things to clean out.  They kept hauling out can after can of grass clippings and tree branches and piles of weeds.  They even dug up a dead tree when I hadn't asked them to.  They left these grapevines because they are loaded with grapes.
 The dogs aren't sure what to do with themselves.  They kept barking at the workers, but are so excited to have room to run and sniff.
 See, I told you there was a trampoline behind all of that tall grass.  Now, hopefully with some daily watering, the grass will start to green up.  I hired the guy to come back every two weeks to mow and edge, so again, hopefully there will be something for him to mow in two weeks when he comes back.  He fixed the sprinklers too.  There was a wire that had come out and he was able to figure out which one and replace it.
 This is the fig tree and the birds were happy that I left it for them.
 This is what the figs look like until they finally fall off.  Anybody have any idea what kind they are and why they don't change color or seem to get ripe?  Maybe they need more water?
There are more grapevines along the tennis court fence that will get trimmed once they are harvested.  They are fully loaded again this year.  I'm so excited to have my backyard back again and to have the help with the chores I hate.  Now I can focus on the front yard and maybe with a smaller area to work on, I will be able to keep up.

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lotties_trap said...

Fig trees need a particular tiny wasp to pollinate the flowers. We have a fig tree that has large figs that never ripen so after 25 years of unripened figs I finally did some investigating!