Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So hot

The past couple of days have been pretty low energy and I think it's because it has been over 100 here in Northern California.  It's supposed to stay that way for the next few days and then stay in the upper 90's.  I try to get out early in the morning to do some work around the house, but by 10am it's too hot to do much and I retreat into the house to work on quilting or sewing.

Today I've decided I need to get back to work cleaning out the kitchen.  Yesterday I took a whole bunch of towels that I had purchased to do some embroidery on, but then decided it was a project I didn't have time for right now.  Instead of storing the towels for 6 months or more, I would donate them to our local homeless shelter.  They could use the towels now and in 6 months if I want to make some hooded towels as gifts, I can go out and buy some more.  Then, I will buy what I need, not the entire store worth, just because they are on sale.

I also took a lot of fleece blankets to the shelter.  I know, it's 100 degrees outside now, but at night everyone needs a blanket to sleep with.  They were happy to have them and I was happy to get them all out of the house and car.  The new homeless shelter is so beautiful and so big.  I read online they have 9 families living there right now (it's a women/children shelter) and have recently graduated several families out to permanent housing and jobs.  It is a very successful shelter and is supported by the thrift store I donate all of my excess 'stuff' to.  They have actually expanded the thrift store to two locations, one for furniture and household items and one for clothing.  They get so many donations that some days they have to shut down their receiving early so they can sort and put away all that they get.

I love shopping there first for furniture and clothes I need because I know I will get a great deal and know that the money I spend will support a good cause.

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