Sunday, June 19, 2016

Taking care

 Last night after the yard guys left, I took a walk around the backyard and really looked at how nice of a yard I have.  I have been so blessed with this huge yard and house and it really hit me how I am not taking care of the things I have.  I started to feel really guilty for taking all of the 'stuff' I have for granted.  I make excuses for why I don't care for the things I have as I go out to get more and more and more.
 I'm really glad for the whole adoption process and making me really take a look at every single item I own.  I'm going through every drawer and closet and cupboard in the house and giving away or throwing away about half of what is in there.  I've been collecting things for so long and holding onto stuff I haven't used in 30 years that it was so much easier not to have to make the decision to get rid of something.  The bridesmaid dress I wore to my sister's wedding didn't take up that much space in the front closet, but why did I hold onto it for 29 years?  Did I really think I was ever going to wear it again?  Did I really think my girls would want to wear a dress from the 80's?  I'm sure if I go to the thrift store a year from now, it will still be there if I really need it back.
While yesterday's great yard cleanup was encouraging because the yard went from total disaster to fabulous in 4 hours, the inside of the house is a much slower process.  I watch the home improvement shows and in 30 minutes they can transform a house like my backyard.  The reality is every day I go through a couple of drawers and cupboards.  I clean off a few shelves in the fridge.  I sort through piles that have been sitting for months or years and slowly, if I am able to keep at it, the house will become more empty and more functional and more welcoming to guests.  I am slowly cleaning up the sewing room by quilting every day too.  I have lots of quilt tops to work through and every day the pile is getting a little smaller.

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