Sunday, June 5, 2016


This must have been a rough year.  I've woken up yesterday and today with nightmares about my students.  I guess I'm worried still about their futures and our futures for when they do get out in the world we all live in.  I'm hoping the nightmares go away so I can start to relax this summer and begin to look forward to the long vacation ahead of me.
People always ask me what my plans are for the summer.  Is it really necessary to make plans?  I mean, other than making quilts and eating lots of junk food?  My teacher friends always complain about how they never have any money and then they spend two weeks in Hawaii or Cancun and I'm thinking, well, you had money for that trip so obviously you made enough money, you just chose to spend it foolishly.  I have pretty much everything I want and need here and if I want to see pretty places, there's always the internet :)

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