Friday, June 10, 2016

Faith paid off

 I was able to get these two quilts, plus another one done yesterday, despite having a terrible migraine.  It only lasted about 6 hours, which is very unusual.  Normally, when they hit, they are there for the rest of the day.  I've started drinking more water throughout the day, so maybe that is helping.  I also managed to take 10 bags of clothes, a box of books and a box of video games to the thrift store that supports our homeless shelter.  I didn't really feel like going, but was so glad to have made the trip after I went.
I have a lot of things like that where I know something needs to be done and I dread doing the chore, but once it is finished I look back and realize it wasn't as bad as I had thought.  I'm slowly working in the sewing and quilting room (yes, there is a difference) and starting to see floor space again.  I have 20 patches to make for my husband for his tennis party, which I think will be next Saturday.  The fire hasn't been lit under me yet because he doesn't have a definite date set yet.  I also have 87 other projects I want to be working on.

I'm also trying to adjust to having my adult-teenage son living back at home again.  Well, his stuff is living at home anyways.  I helped him move out on Tuesday and I think I've seen him about 2 hours since then.  We are trying to establish new rules for this 'grown up' kid who had all kinds of freedom while away at college and who isn't used to telling mom where he is and when he will be home.

On Wednesday, he took the car and left it with no gas.  Normally, it tells you how many miles until empty.  It was just blinking, which means less than 5 miles.  Of course, I noticed it after we got down the street and I figured I'd just zip to the gas station which is about a mile away.  Of course, there was an accident which blocked the street and we had to go around.  That made us late for tennis lessons.  This mom was not happy.  He said he didn't notice it was on empty.  Of course, gas tanks just fill themselves!


KaHolly said...

You did well! When I sew with a migraine, I make lots of mistakes. My migraines last three days. I am on day three of one right now. And I have to go grocery shopping! Yuck!

Farm Quilter said...

Oh, the joys of a yo-yo kid!! I remember doing the yo-yo thing...their house, their rules or I was welcome to leave. It worked with my oldest daughter when she did the yo-yo thing too. Yep, hard to get back in the habit of telling mom where you are going and when you will return home. No gas...yeah, my daughter did that as well...the next time she wanted the car, the answer was no, so it only happened once! Have fun figuring out the new balance with the adult who behaves like a kid but wants all the benefits of being an adult!!!