Tuesday, June 7, 2016

California people...be sure to vote

There are more things on the ballot than just the presidential primary, so be sure to get out there and do your civic duty.  I was number 100 at my polling place.  I asked if I got a special prize.  The lady said she thought if I took my ballot receipt to McDonald's they would give me free food.

This morning I helped move my son back home from the dorms.  Good thing it was a rather cool day for summer in Northern California.  Some crazy person decided to do road work on the little street that is closest to his room and I had to park 1/4 mile away.  8 trips back and forth really added the steps this morning.  My activity tracker wasn't sure what was going on.  They let you borrow a dolly, but what we really needed was a giant wagon or rolling cart like UCLA has.  Now that school understands college kids have STUFF and that stuff needs to get from here to there and putting it on a tiny dolly just isn't going to cut it.  Most of his stuff is awkward and hard to balance.  It took us about 2 hours to get everything packed up and loaded in the truck.  We were the last people to sneak in for the breakfast service and got refueled for the drive home.  He still has 2 finals left on Thursday, but had to be out of the dorms before those were over.  Not very good planning UCD.

Now we have to find places to put all of his stuff here at home.  Every time I try to get rid of stuff, more finds its way into the house.  Some days I feel like I'm losing the battle.

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