Saturday, June 4, 2016

safe to post now that school is over

I quilted this up last weekend and have been saving it up to post until after school is over.  My friend who does a lot of binding for me made this quilt for another teacher at my school who didn't get rehired for next year.  I quilt things for her about once a month and she does a beautiful job on all of her piecing.  Her seams match perfectly and I'm always a little intimidated to quilt something for her because I always feel like my quilting isn't always so perfect.  I am not so nervous when doing charity quilting because most of the people who receive the quilts wouldn't know a mistake if you pointed it out to them, but I feel like a quilter could see a mistake a mile away.  Often I realize I'm too hard on myself, but don't like feeling nervous like that so that's the main reason I don't quilt for hire.  I figure if I don't charge anything, nobody can ask for their money back. :)

This is a very simple pattern, but very pleasant to look at and would look great scrappy too.  I'm not sure what the pattern is called, but I bet you could figure it out if you thought about it a little.


Charlene S said...

My daughter is hard on herself about her quilting even though everyone else thinks it is wonderful. You see the quilt from 2 feet but not many others will.

Farm Quilter said...

I notice every "oops" when I'm quilting a quilt - both the piecing and the quilting!! Only a quilt judge will be looking as closely as we look when we are quilting and we are looking at just a small piece of the whole at the time, while even judges are seeing the whole quilt! I still will use a magnifying glass to check my stitches sometimes...not always, not any more!!! Yippee, summer's here!!!