Sunday, June 12, 2016

The best things

Yesterday I drove to San Francisco to pick up my daughter from the airport.  She came home from college for a couple days before she heads off to her summer adventures.  She's going to Florida to visit her sister and then to Pennsylvania to teach for 6 weeks.  It is some math class for middle school kids that she tried to explain to me about how you can count certain numbers but not all numbers, like real numbers you can count and rational numbers you can count like irrational numbers such as pi, which continues on forever.

It's ok if you don't understand either.  Usually during these conversations, I nod my head a lot.  She's really into math and has taken a lot of math classes and she and her brother can have these complicated conversations.  They both try to talk to me about stuff like that and I do my best to remain in the conversation, but the both know I'm just faking it.  Math was never my strong point.

Then, she comes home for a couple of weeks before heading back to her final year of college.  She still hasn't decided what she wants to do after that.  She says she knows she doesn't want to go straight to grad school, but doesn't know what kind of job she could get with a math/economics degree.  She says something with data analysis or project management, but she isn't sure she would like doing that so is hoping to get an internship before settling on a career she hates.

I have a very strong feeling she will fall in love with teaching this summer.  After all, what's not to love about summer's off?  Sure, there are the parents and students and administration issues the other 9 months, but having time to do what you want for 3 months sure is nice.

It was so nice to fall asleep last night to the sound of children laughing.  They sure can get loud when they are all together, but I wouldn't trade that for peace and quiet.

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