Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Coaches Dinner last night

Wow, two date nights in less than a week, that's a record for us!

Last night was a dinner for all of the coaches at our high school.  My husband hates going out to dinner because he doesn't like weird foods.  He could eat tuna sandwiches and top ramen every night for the rest of his life and be happy.  I looked at it as a chance to have Chinese food.  There were probably 50 people there and nobody brought their wife or husband, but I didn't care.  I was going to have a nice dinner with my husband :).  It turned into a meeting about the new rules and regulations for next year.  I still didn't care!  I was eating sweet and sour chicken and pork friend rice and thinking back to when I was a kid and my family used to go to Ming's.

At the end of the business meeting, the Athletic Director announced the Coach of the Year and this year it was my husband. :)  He coaches two seasons of tennis, girls in the fall and boys in the spring and only gets three months off...January, June and July.  It's good for him to keep busy and he loves both the sport and the kids and while the kids do drive him crazy most of the time, I'm not sure what he will do once he retires.  He keeps threatening to give it up one day soon, saying he is getting too old to move around as much, but I have a feeling he will be doing this until the day he dies.

It was nice to see that others recognize all of the hard work he puts into coaching.  There were 9 teams that made all league this year so there were a lot of other coaches that could have won this year.

What a great date night.

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