Friday, June 17, 2016

cleaning does have some benefits

I know most people get satisfaction from cleaning because they end up with a clean house when they are done, but I have a hard time motivating myself to clean for cleanings sake.  I need to get motivation from other places, like coming across old photo albums.  This is my husband probably 20 years ago when he played competitive tennis.  What a great action shot.  I know he will get a kick out of seeing this and it will bring back some good memories.  I forgot where I had put the old photo albums and today I decided to clean out the front closet.  There are probably 20 albums in there with lots of treasures in them.  Normally I would have quit cleaning to go through the albums, but I'm on a mission to get rid of the clutter that has taken over my life.  I finally gave away the bridesmaid dress I wore for my sister's wedding 29 years ago.  I think I've held onto it long enough.  I think I kept it somehow thinking one of my girls would wear it, but really, that style went out about 28 years ago and someone may use it as dress up from the 80's but I certainly couldn't fit into it again.  That was 50 pounds ago. :)  The more I do this the more I'm beginning to enjoy giving away stuff I haven't used in 30 years and making room for stuff I currently use.  Now that closet will be used to hold quilts that are waiting their turn for quilting.  Now, those are in boxes, or hanging in the kitchen.  Baby steps to a better home.

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