Monday, December 9, 2013

While I grade lab books

 I was so far behind in my grading this semester.  With three new tachers and one that had only been in our department a year, I became the 'go to' person.  Everyone comes to me to ask where things are and how to do things.  Even the teacher who has been there one year less than me asks how to do things.  I'm not sure if she really doesn't know how to do things or just doesn't want to have to do them.  For example, we have a HUGE lab this week and everyone had a job to do to set it up.  Her job was to make the foul water we are all to purify.  She volunteered to make the water because when a teacher retired a couple years ago, he passed along a recipe list to her.  She says last week at the meeting that she has the recipe box on her desk and if anyone wants to use it, it is right on her desk.  Well, since she has the recipe, why not make the water.  I've made it in the past many times, it isn't hard, I've never used a recipe, just mix a bunch of nasty stuff together, garlic salt, coffee grounds, stuff like that, and the kids have to clean it well enough to make it drinkable.

So, the day comes to make everything ready for the lab and she asks me how to make the water.  I told her she had the recipe box on her desk.  She looks at me and asks where it is.  WITH A STRAIGHT FACE!  I have no idea if she really had a mental problem or she really hates working that much. 

So, me being the dumb one says I will just make the water.  I really don't want her making it anyways because she set up the previous lab for her class and did it wrong and her poor kids didn't get the right results.  I feel bad for her students because they aren't learning, so I often set things up for her, but man is it wearing on me to set up for 6 teachers.

 I'm pretty sure that's what is causing many of my physical and mental problems.  When I talked to the therapist and psychiastrist they both told me I have to stop doing everything for everyone else and start taking care of me.  Grading lab books for 16 hours this weekend was a sure sign of me doing too much for everyone else.  I didn' see the 5 other teachers at my house helping me when I needed it, that's for sure. 

I do have three TA's, students who get credit for helping grade and set up labs, but even with their help, I still can't keep up.  The other teachers are jealous and keep making comments to me about my student helpers.  They keep asking me to borrow my students, but I keep them all to myself.  If it wasn't for those kids, I'd be drowning in papers to grade too.  I have 3 or 4 other kids who come in to help out too.  I tried to get TA's for all the other teachers, but they didn't sign up for TA's and now they are regretting it.  Maybe next time they will listen :)  I'm not as dumb as I look.

So, while I was grading lab books and eating chocolate, Rebecca the Robotic quilting machine was stitching away on these three beauties.  They are for a friend's grandkids for Christmas.  Speaking of, I can't believe it is so close.  I haven't even started shopping yet and no decorating.  My daughters will both be home this year :) and we will have to clean and move things around to make room.  I'm excited to have the whole family home and to go thrift shopping with the girls.  It's much more fun with them around.  They are great bargain hunters.  I'll be rearraging things in the sewing room and moving things around in the shed.

10 more days of school until break. My little guy only has 5.  He gets a three week break, but has to go two weeks longer into summer.  I'd rather have a longer summer.  Let the countdown begin!

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Farm Quilter said...

Don't you have a department chair that you could go to for help with these other teachers? It rather sounds like you have become the defacto department chair but without the extra time off from classes to deal with it! Teachers that are lazy and cheat their students out of learning opportunities really gets my panties in a knot!!! That is what they are paid to do, GRRRRR! You should not have to do everything for everyone, all the time! I would be going to administration for help with this - otherwise you are going to burn yourself into a breakdown...physically!!! Since you all seem to share the same lab, it's too bad you can't put a nanny cam in there just for the administrators to see what really goes on in there - might open some eyes! Hang in there...Christmas break coming soon!!