Friday, December 6, 2013

Finished Giraffe quilt

This is for a special student who loves giraffes and burgundy and needs a hug right now.  I hope it fits the bill.  I love the quilting pattern

 This is as close to snow as we get around here.  Our family snowmen, made out of fence boards.  We made these 6 years ago, when my youngest was 3.  See the three buttons on his belly?  He was just a baby back then.  One for each family member and the boards were cut to height for the kids.  Not so much anymore.  I should make some new ones to show how they have all grown.  Of course, I would keep them all as skinny :)  When I showed my daughter that the snowmen were back up, she asked if I had left them up all year.  I'm not that lazy :)  Well, almost.

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