Thursday, December 26, 2013

memory quilts

memory quilts are hard for me to make.  Even if it is from someone I don't personally know.  This one is for a friend that helps me run the local freecycle group.  I don't even know her very well, but her mom passed away about a month ago and she has asked me to make her and her dad memory quilts.  The centers of these blocks are from her mom's clothes.  Nothing special about the shirts, just regular tshirts, no graphics, nothing you would pick out and say, hey, mom wore those, but to her, they are special.  She told me her favorite colors and I picked out some fabric from my stash.  I think I have enough so I won't have to go out shopping.  I'm all shopped out from before Christmas. 

I will be working on this for a few days.  She wants some pictures in there too and I think by making this star quilt pattern, I can print out the pictures and have those as the centers of the stars too.  It is evolving as I work.  I have no idea what it's going to look like when it is finished, but I will be happy to get it done and into her hands.  She's been waiting a while to get it.  I feel pressure to make it perfect because it will help her remember her mom.

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