Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grandparents raising grandkids. Do you know any?

http://www.aaans.org/napa-solano/ This is my local area on aging resource.  Do a google search to find your local resource.  From there, search the website to find the resource that helps Grandparents who are raising grandkids.  You might be surprised to learn just how many there are out there.  You may have friends or neighbors or maybe even you are finding yourself taking a second turn at raising kids.  There is some help out there for you if you need it.

My friend, Jean, of Layers of hope is raising her grandkids and has pointed me to this resource and asked that I take a look at this article from my own local paper and see if there is a way my quilting can help these kids.  Once I get some more quilts together, I will contact my local agency to see if they would like some quilts to hand out to their clients.  Now I need to work quicker.  Less sleep, more days off, more workers.  That's the plan for the new year :)

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