Thursday, December 26, 2013

a few more blocks

most days I find my migraines a mere annoyance, but today I got really frustrated and my migraine was really bad.  I wanted to go to the store to get an external CD drive for my new laptop so I could load EQ 7 on my computer since it doesn't have a CD drive.  What's up with the new laptops these days?  No floppy disc drives?  No CD drives?  How are you supposed to get things on your computers?  Download everything from the internet?  And I keep accidentally doing something that switches the window to a different internet button and I have no idea how I am doing that.  Technology really needs to slow down for me!

So, when my son finally woke up this morning we went out and he had a half flat tire.  I had him roll the car back and found a giant staple in his tire.  Off to Sam's Club to get it fixed.  I could not wander around the store and be tempted to spend another dollar.  I am so burned out on spending from all the before Christmas shopping I did that we waited and watched them fix the tire.  Standing there with all the new tires and the smell is what triggered the migraine I'm pretty sure.  I guess I should have walked around the store.  Oh, well.  When the car was finished and we headed to Best Buy, they didn't have the external drive I wanted.  They had one for $90.  Yikes!  They also didn't have the ink for my son's printer.  I guess his printer is too old now.  Had to order that online too.  Crazy.

I really want to get this quilt finished so I can get on to other things.  I will be printing the pictures for the centers of the blocks tomorrow.   I'm making another memory quilt for my sister in law's friend whose son passed away about a month ago.  Just died in his sleep.

Count your blessings, hug your kids and parents and be happy you don't have migraines.  They suck.  Jan 2 is my acupuncture day.  I hope it does something.  Daily migraines can be depressing.  I'm happy for a couple hours pain free.  Mindless sewing helps sometimes, but having to think and measure and count isn't fun.