Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Charities for 2014

Can you help me add to this list?  Where do you donate your quilts?

Binky Patrol's motto is Comforting Covers for Kids.  Well, unless you came from outer space, you are a kid, you just may not be under 18 anymore, so to me making quilts that bring comfort to kids of all ages really fits the bill for Binky Patrol and that's what I love about the group.

If you've been with me for very long, you know I'm always making quilts and giving them away.  My criteria...you need a hug and to feel loved.  I have several local charities I've been working with in the past 10 years since I started my local Binky Patrol chapter.  Can you believe we are turning 10 this year?  I surely can't!  I started my chapter February 26, 2004, when I was still pregnant with my 9 year old.  I was crazy at the time, must have been all the hormones or something.  My mom encouraged me to do something with all the crochet afghans I was making and I tried giving them to the local hospital.  They thought I was crazy and told me they didn't want to buy them from me.  I couldn't just give them away as a private individual, so I started a Binky Patrol chapter.  From that little beginnings, I had my first meeting in August and didn't figure anyone would show up.  We met at the library and about 50 people showed up to drop off blankets they had been making and couldn't find homes for.  I had over 100 blankets and once I had a big nonprofit behind me, had no troubles finding places to donate.

I still deliver to the hospital when I can and soon other places heard I was giving away great, high quality hand made blankets and quilts.  I couldn't crochet fast enough so learned how to quilt about 7 years ago.  Well, soon the fabric took over and I couldn't quilt fast enough.  My parents got me a quilting machine in 2008 and the rest is history.  I still can't keep up with all the fabric, but I'm not complaining.  As long as it shows up, I will accept it and cut it and sew it back together to make more quilts for kids needing hugs.

So, here's where my focus will be for 2014.  Let me know if you can think of other places you donate to.

*My local hospital for the preemie babies
*Nurse Family Partnership-they meet with new, low income mothers and educate them on child issues-I love the education part :)
*Project PEARLS helping low income and orphaned children in the Philippines
*Rwanda-my friend goes every summer
*my high school
*Safe Families-an alternative to foster care-local churches host kids so the parents can get back on their feet or take a 'time out' to deal with medical issues, drug rehab, or job search
*Local Foster Care/Child Protective Services-I have two friends who have adopted several children and who deliver for me-Love that the kids help deliver the quilts and talk to the kids waiting for their forever homes.
*Local Homeless shelter
*Margaret's Hope Chest-donates quilts to kids whose parents are in prison.  The parent picks a quilt to give the child also A Mother's Hope program for mothers with Post Partum Depression (depression SUCKS!) check out their Facebook page, blog and website
*Layers of Hope Quilting 911-quilts for emergency dispatchers and first responders
*Quilts of Valor-sort of, I quilt and donate locally for our returning wounded soldiers coming through Travis Air Force Base and David Grant Medical Center

NEW: Grandparents raising Grandkids

Help me out...what am I missing?  Where else do you donate?


Connie said...

Do you have a local women's shelter - safe haven for abused women? Our guild has donated there in the past. Right now, we donate to several local hospice programs.

Quiltingranny said...

Tell me more about Margaret's Hope!