Friday, December 20, 2013

I love it more

I love this quilt more than the last one I made, how is that possible?  I have to make one just like it for me :)  Red and black seem to be my favorite color combo right now.

This is for another of my students who is struggling with depression and suicide.  She just got out of the mental hospital.  I was hoping to have it finished today to give to her sister, but didn't get it done in time.  Santa's elves will have to deliver it over the break.  I will have to quilt it tomorrow.

Can I say one more time that I really love it?  I know I am going to make one for me.  It is so pretty.  I just love this pattern too because it is pretty, easy and makes a great size quilt.

I ordered the 4 1/2 inch finished triangle for my Studio cutter from Accuquilt and then didn't realize that wasn't the same size as the 4 inch finished triangle.  I am not good with numbers.  So, I cut 4 1/2 inch squares and the triangles didn't fit.  You need 5 inch squares to go with the bigger triangles, in case you were wondering.  The quilt comes out bigger, which is great.  I'm going to make this is red, white and blue for a QOV for February's quilt raffle and the bigger size will be perfect.  I love the black background for making the color pop.

What a great stashbusting project this is too.  But you would't know it from my fabric.  I busted a bunch of reds and there are still a ton waiting to be cut and used.  Which is good because I cut a bunch of 4 1/2 inch squares and wouldn't you know I need a second quilt with red as the main color.  My principal's husband had a pacemaker put in today.  I think he could use a quilty hug.  It was an all of a sudden operation and quite a shock to her.  So, I should have his quilt finished this weekend too.  Then, I have about 6 other quilts waiting their turn.  A couple memory quilts that really need attention.  Those are the hardest to do.  I feel such pressure to make them perfect, when really they just need to be finished and quickly.

Oh, and my oldest daughter came home today.  She will be here 2 1/2 weeks and brought her puppy.  He's mighty cute and gets along well with my dogs.  Nice to have all the kids home and a full house again.  But I do have to squeeze my quilting time in when I can. :)

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