Sunday, December 22, 2013

finished my favorite quilt

 LOVE, love, LOVE what else is there to say?
 I will be delivering it tomorrow to my student who is really going through a rough time.  Every person needs to know they were created with a purpose and to are special.  I hope she loves this quilt as much as I do and I hope that she realizes that she is a special person.  I also pray that she realizes she has a special purpose on this earth and will be able to pass that message on to others.  I hope it makes a difference in her life.
 If you ever have a chance to make a quilt and donate it to your high school, you will make a difference for a kid too.
 This is my oldest daughter's puppy.  His name is Louie.  He's a doxie mix and he's awfully cute.  He makes me want another dog.  I need another dog like I need, well, I don't need another dog, but he sure is cute :)
Isn't it nice when the kids all enjoy the same things?  Even if it is video games :)

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