Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Memory quilt finished

Finished this up and am hoping to give it to my friend today.  I still need to make the embroidered name plate for the back, but that won't take long.  It will probably be my final finish for the year.  I will be quilting more today, that's for sure, but I don't think I will be binding.  I worked in the sewing room and cleared out a ton of buckets of scraps.  They only got moved into the garage, but a plan is in place to work through them this year.  Hopefully I can stick with it so that there are less scraps next year and more quilts.  I have lots of people to help, if I can get the scraps cut into kits and I can cut while the machine does the quilting, I just need the energy to keep with the plan.  Here's to New Year's Resolutions, sticking with a plan and good health in the New Year.

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Sue Niven said...

A wonderful job on the memory quilt, It is superb! All the best on the quilting front for 2014, You are an inspirational read, I love how many people you help with your wonderful quilts, truly uplifting.