Tuesday, December 3, 2013

plugging away

 When I am motivated, I sure can get a lot done.  I have lots of kids needing hugs this winter.  There are the kids in the Philippines through Project Pearls who have lost everything in the Typhoon, who still need to know they are loved, there are kids locally, through the foster care system that are having a big party this coming Christmas season that could use the comfort of a warm quilt wrapped around them and there are newborn babies through no fault of their own who are born into very poor families who will grow up with very little material wealth, but who will know the comfort of a warm quilt when them come home from the hospital because of the many volunteers who have worked to put these quilts together.  So, I'm motivated to work in all my spare moments to get these quilts together and into the hands of kids who need a hug.  I'm so glad I have so many volunteers who are also willing to help me out.  I had a  friend come by this morning and pick up a whole bunch of tumbler blocks and who is working to get more quilt tops put together.  I just picked up a bunch of quilt tops from Carla because I was starting to get low.  I only had about 15 left in the to be quilted pile and when I'm on a roll, I can work through that in a week.  Thanks to Rebecca my robotic machine, I don't have to stand over her, she works happily on her own stitching away while I'm cooking or getting ready for school.  I just finished up about 15 quilts from that massive bunch of backing fabric I loaded.  And the first of the rolls of batting just arrived.  I think there are two more rolls coming still.  I should be good for another 40 or so quilts before having to order more.  Every time I get a 50% off coupon and free shipping and batting isn't already on sale, I like to pick up a roll or two of the Kodel batting from JoAnn's online.  That's something to save money on when you can.  I have the giraffe quilt on the machine today and hope to finish up the quilting tonight.  Time will tell.

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Quiltingranny said...

I know you do so much but I want to make a suggestion if I may? Foster children receive lots of goodies from lots of people. However, many do not realize there are thousands of grandparents raising grandchildren (in my state more grandchildren with grands than fosters)we do not receive any assistance from anyone. We don't receive assistance at the beginning of school like foster children do, we don't get new bikes for them like fosters do, or coats, pajamas, etc. We are blessed to be able to provide, but many are scraping by. Perhaps you can find a local grandparents raising grandchildren group and donate some of your wonderful quilts to them. Foster parents receive state aid to help them, most grands have lost any funding are living on retirement or disability and go without meds, food, etc. so the grands can have. I am NOT saying foster children are not deserving, I am just saying there are many others in the same boat living with grands!