Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh, Christmas tree

 We waited until all the kids were home to get the tree this year and waiting got us this.  The stores were clean out of trees!  Lowe's had cut them up into this pile, while the other stores had either just thrown them away or sold out completely.
So we settled for a 6 foot Italian cypress that will get planted in the backyard after Christmas.  At least it is Christmas tree shaped.  We almost got a Kumquat.  It came predecorated with really pretty orange 'balls' on it :)  My son asks if I knew what to do with kumquats.  Of course, you eat the skins.  At least that's what we did when I was a kid.  The flesh is really bitter and sour, but the skin tasted like candy.  I think we might have just stared a new family tradition.

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