Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How was your Christmas?

 my new best friend and I had a great day.
 I got all but one of my presents finished.  Bows for my son's girlfriend.  She loves purple and wears these hair bows almost every day.  I bought a pack of 50 hair clips so I'm set for the next few holidays.  I hear she loved them.
 She is a dancer and loved her blanket.  A $5 fleece blanket from WalMart and a little embroidery and this made a quick present.  I LOVE my embroidery machine.
 A Sharks blanket for hubby, an elephant for my daughter, a trombone for my son and the still to be finished dog blanket for my oldest daughter.  That will get done tomorrow after I can get on my son's computer.  It is currently hooked to the TV in the front room which has been taken over by the new Wii U the kids got.  I may get a chance tomorrow morning when everyone is asleep.  It's my favorite time of day.
 We all got a lot of things we wanted this year.  My best present was having everyone home.  I'm not sure how many more years that will happen.  I love that the kids are all growing up, but do realize that once they all start their own families, I won't get to keep them all together anymore.  I'm enjoying every second I can with them together.  Even the occasional fight.
And this little guy doesn't seem to understand he is a little guy.  He kept stealing everyone else's presents.  This bone is bigger than he is.  He's currently making quick work of it.  He's also taking over everyone's blanket too. He loves to make a nest out of it and go to sleep.  I tried taking a nap and he would have nothing of that.  He took my blanket off me and made a nest for himself out of it.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and took time to reflect on the reason we celebrate the day. 

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