Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today's three and screen door fix

 Here's today's three and just thought I'd let you all know, in case you were wondering, that we were able to fix the gaps in the screen door with some weather stripping.  My daughter and I got it at Lowe's and attached it to the door facing.  Now we can leave the front door open and let the cool breeze blow through the house in the morning and evening to cool things off.  The door should pay for itself in a couple of months by saving on air conditioning.  My son attached a rubber door thingy at the bottom too.  It is nice to have a son who is handy with tools.  He learned a lot in his robotics class.  They taught him welding and electronics and computer programming.  Lots of practical things.  Most of the high school classes aren't really practical, but that one is really a useful class.

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Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for admitting what we all know, most high school classes are not practical. I would love to see more classes on things the kids really will use. Glad you got the door fixed!