Friday, August 2, 2013

my 1,000th quilt

 Here I am, quilting my 1,000th quilt since getting my quilting machine in July, 2008.  I can't believe I have been enjoying quilting for that long, or that I have stuck with this crazy hobby and accomplished so much.  Quilting has pretty much taken over my house, my every waking hour, my creativity and thought process and when I'm not actually quilting, I'm thinking about my next quilt, or my past quilt.  I'm collecting fabric or trying to organize fabric or stepping over fabric and haven't been happier.  It has helped me get through a lot of painful days with migraines and helped me offer comfort to many hurting friends and introduced me to many new friends. Thanks again mom and dad for giving me my great quilting machine and while I sometimes dream of getting a robotic long arm quilting machine that could work with the push of a button, I am happy with my current set up and the many accomplishments we have completed together.  I only wish we could work faster and that I didn't get tired so we could work longer and make more quilts because there are so many more kids in need of quilts.  I guess I just need to recruit more teenagers to help out.  I need more Rebeccas to come over more often not only to get them addicted to sewing and quilting but to get them to help me dig out of the piles of fabric that are everywhere.  My student teacher and her boyfriend came over today and the first thing they said was WOW, that's a lot of fabric.  They didn't even see all the fabric in the garage and shed! :)  But, it will get used up soon enough.  I just used up a whole bucket of fabric for the backings of these small quilts in less than a week.  When I'm on a roll, the fabric goes fast.  I just wish summer wasn't coming to an end so quickly.  The Lotto is over 300 million and who knows, I may just win if I buy a ticket and then my dreams of a robotic quilting machine and days of endless quilting just may come true :)  But I guess I have to buy a ticket first!  If I stop quilting long enough to get to the gas station!

Here she is, the 1,000th quilt.  I had to do something different.  This little beauty has been waiting a long time for a turn to be quilted.  Aged to perfection I say!


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Congratulations,that`s a big milestone and more to come!!

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