Friday, August 16, 2013

busy day

 My friend Tisha came over today and quilted two of her quilts on my new machine.  She brought over a friend who sewed for about an hour.  She took home a bunch of tumbler blocks and is going to put together a couple of quilt tops for Binky Patrol.
 Then, Carla came by to help me with my tension troubles.  I had taken out the bobbin washer and the machine was working ok.  She showed me that using a business card got a ball of gunk out of the bobbin case.  Then, she put the washer back and it worked just as good.  I think I will stay away from the prewound bobbins for now.  They are great because they last a long time, but they sure give me troubles too.
 Then, another friend, Sandy came by with some finished quilt tops and picked up some fabric to finish some others.  She was short some fabric on one of the kits and luckily I had a piece sitting out that matched.  In between all the excitement, I was able to quilt all of these little guys.  I sewed a ton of fabric together for the backing, loaded it on the quilt and did the first three purple quilts by hand.  They do go quickly on the bigger machine.  It's nice to have the stitch regulator and the bigger throat space.  The last one I did using the robot and was able to sort through a bag of scraps.  I'm loving being able to quilt and do something else at the same time.  I hope to get through all these Super Size 9 patches soon.  I also wrote a grant to get funding so we can work with the middle school students again this year.  I know they learned a lot from making these quilt tops and we are able to help out a lot of kids with the finished quilts.  Problem is, the batting is expensive.  I hope the grant is approved soon.

I did the four purple quilts all together on the same backing fabric on the big machine.  So much quicker because you don't have to pin in between each quilt.

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