Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quilt Day

 Here's Rebecca, watching over Carla's quilting machine.  She was pretending to guide it.  It is robotic, so doesn't need anything more than babysitting and thread clipping at the end of each row.  She was so happy because Carla has the Red Snappers and the quilt doesn't need pins.  Rebecca hates pinning the quilt to the leaders.  She loved Carla's machine and enjoyed playing with it.  She only got to stay for an hour today because as soon as her mom got off work, they headed back to her college.  I am going to miss my quilting buddy.
 This is my crazy son who came to quilt day.  You can see how much fun the teenagers have cutting and sorting fabric with the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter.  He asked how much fabric we really need to cut.  Silly boy.  One can never have too much fabric.  He is a really good kid, but he does eat too much.  Good thing his girlfriend's family gets a kick out of watching him devour all of their food.  He loves to go over to her house and finish off all of their leftovers.  They love having him come over.  I feel bad and think I should do some shopping for them but so far they have turned me down on my offers.  Not sure how much longer that will last.
 Here's some kids sorting fabric.  They measure the fabric and put it  into the laundry baskets by size.
 Close inspection is very important :)

 The quilting ladies are making some sample blocks to show the middle school kids what we want them to do this year.  They are taking 6 1/2 flannel squares, sewing strings to them and then cutting them down to 6 inches.  They will sew 8x10 together onto fleece backing and have finished quilts which will be donated locally to help kids in crisis.  I'm excited that the kids will be able to see the finished product of their labor this year and we won't have a zillion quilts to finish off.

 As the kids were going through the donated fabric to sort, they came across this outfit.  At first they thought it was a shirt with the arm holes sewn shut.  It didn't fit very well.  Sorry Scott!
 Then, they figured out it was a skirt, with pockets.  Scott wore it the rest of the afternoon.  He even found some flowers that we attached to his hat.  He was a good sport about it.  Besides the great food, the kids always enjoy themselves and laugh a lot.  We only had 6 teenagers show up today, but they were all eager to work and help out.

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