Monday, August 12, 2013

Three bigger quilts

 Rebecca the robo quilter was busy today quilting up these three quilts.  She started the tumbler quilt yesterday but ran out of time, so had to finish up this morning..  Had some troubles with the bobbin thread, but once I figured it out, it was nice to have one of the bigger quilts done.
 Here's another one that's been waiting a long time to get quilted.  A mix of 12 inch blocks, another big one that was so much easier to make on the bigger machine.
Hey, nice socks :)  This was a fun quilt to make and I have to remember to make more like it.  3 1/2 inch strips of dark and light fabrics make an easy quilt.  Add a border and it's done.  I've got to get more big quilt tops from Carla.  I gave her all of my big ones because I couldn't handle them with my smaller frame.  Now I'm ready to blast through the bigger ones.  I'm so happy with the machine.  I'm also so glad my son knows how to fix things.  I pulled out the stop on one of the end bars when I was trying to roll the quilt.  I figured I had broken it and he takes one look at it and immediately knows how to fix it.  What am I going to do when he goes off to college? I guess I had better learn to fix it myself.  I have two more years before that happens.

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