Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ride in Peace

 Just finished this comfort quilt for a neighbor of a friend of mine.  She lost her son in a motorcycle accident in June.  He was a tattoo artist.  I hope the quilt comforts the mother and lets her know she doesn't need to grieve alone.  I love these star quilts because they look great and are quick to make.  Each block is 18 inches and a dozen blocks makes a nice size cuddle quilt for an adult or teen.  Six would be great for a child and would be even quicker.  One of these takes about 6 hours start to finish.  The center of the block is an 8 inch finished square so shows off the focus fabric nicely.  I had to special order the tattoo fabric online because out of all of the fabrics I have, I didn't have anything that was 'just right'.  I hope the mom likes it.
 I'm loving having the embroidery machine to make labels for these special quilts.  The backing fabric has these polka dots which the quilting machine did not like.  they area actually painted onto the fabric.  I didn't realize that until about half way through the quilting when the needle kept making sucking sounds.  It was when the needle was punching through the dots.  I finally felt the fabric and felt the dots were different than the fabric.  Live and learn.  The quilt turned out really nice though.

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KaHolly said...

What a loving tribute to her son. She is going to be over the moon when she receives this. A handmade quilt is a warm embrace.