Sunday, August 25, 2013

Going back to work to rest

 I think I am more tired now than when I started the weekend.  I think I need to go back to work to rest up for next weekend which is a long weekend.  What a rough start to working.  Teach 7 days and then get a day off :)  I quilted two big quilts on the robot today and one by hand, which only takes 10 minutes or so and went to Sam's club to get Gatorade and water.  Man, that stuff is heavy.  I also had to get gas for the lawnmower.  The backyard is a jungle and my son has used the excuse that the mower has been out of gas for a couple of weeks.  Since he was off visiting his girlfriend, I mowed the front yard.  Don't want the neighbors thinking all I do is quilt now do we?  I bet they wonder what that sound is at 5:30 in the morning some days when I have the front door open and the quilting machine humming away.  There are three bands on my street, one is a professional band (the Hipwaders) and they give us a concert once a week.  I figure I'd return the favor by playing my own type of music, quilting machine rhythm and blues.  They blues comes in when I'm crying that the machine isn't working right!

I think I will call it quits for tonight and get things organized for the week.  Hopefully I will have a bit of energy at the end of the day and be able to load a quilt and get something worked on each day.  I picked up 6 bags of fabric this week that someone had dropped off at the quilt shop and after sorting through them, I picked out one big bag full to keep.  The rest was stuff we couldn't use, knits and poly and satin and other things that a friend of mine just loves.  I texted her to let her know there were bags ready and she came over yesterday to pick them up.  I love being able to pass along what we can't use.  She makes dog beds and book covers and costumes and lots of other things with many different types of fabrics.  Nothing gets wasted around here!

Ok, banana bread is ready!

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