Monday, August 12, 2013

pictures for now, the longer story will come later

 The short story, for now, my son is sleeping and while I don't think typing will wake him up, I don't think WWIII would wake him most days, I do have a quilt to finish up :) so just a short story to go with the pictures for now.  The longer version will come later, after I write the grant for funding for Binky Patrol later today.  Too many plates spinning right now!  It's a good thing, but I wish I had a full summer still left instead of only a week of vacation.

My son got the robotic quilting machine hooked up for me yesterday.  He is in robotics at school and is fascinated by anything computer related.  Last night after spending most of the day at a friend's house playing video games, he helped me work on a quilt and said he must learn how to run the machine because 'quilting is fun'.  Cool, another helper!
 Carla came over to make sure everything was running correctly and got the machine working correctly.  My son had hooked things up right, we just had a few things not perfect and when she tweaked them, the robot started working and we loaded the first quilt.  My little guy picked out a design, sharks, and off we went.
 Carla says, now you know why I haven't stitched out that pattern!  It took about an hour and a half to stitch out, very dense, but super cool design.
 You can see I have the machine sort of set up in the middle of the room.  The cutting table is set up behind the machine so I can work on cutting fabric while the machine is running and keep an eye on things.  The table in front will be for the Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter and there is sill a bunch of work to be done to clean up and put away.
 Here's the first quilt finished on Rebecca, the robotic machine.
 And the quilt I finished on Pierce, in the last row and a half, just to race and see how fast I could get one done :)  No contest!  I'm going to enjoy having two machines going.  My kids think I'm crazy, which I probably am, but now can work twice as fast, plus have the embroidery machine going, I don't even want to see the electricity bill!  Carla runs off solar power, smart woman.

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Quiltingranny said...

Awesome...I am sooooooo jealous, you have a helper and I don't...HAHA! Great machine!